Followers analytics for instagram

Instagram – for a long time is not just an application for personal photos.

With its help you can promote goods, services, and just yourself, my beloved. It is clear that when

Selena Gomez starts the instagram (today she has 141 million followers), then all her fans automatically come to her. And what about the usual girl, who also wants to snatch her 15 minutes of fame?

Clear content. To begin with, you need to decide what exactly will stand out against the background of other users of instagram.

Do not scatter: select a narrow profile, where you are like a fish in the water. Perhaps you are an unusual cake, which you bake during your free time. Or – travel to rare countries.

And, perhaps, the education of children on the new system.

Bright photos. Instagram is first of all a photo. Therefore, take vivid pictures, do not be afraid to use Photoshop and other applications.

Regularity. Your posts should appear at least once a day. Better – two or three. The best time, say people who know, is 8 am, 3 pm and evening time after 20.00.

Social networks. To get subscribers, let your friends from other social networks know about your new profile. Perhaps they will be interested in what you publish in the instagram.

Help from the outside. Happens, that like and the profile at you nice, and photos abrupt. However, the number of subscribers is still low. It’s okay if you help yourself a little with the help of available tools. There are several ways to cheat subscribers – paid and free.

These are sites that you either pay money for the wrap-up, or you perform tasks and earn points that you spend – again – on the subscription of subscribers.

The sites of these sets are vtope, socgain, fastfreelikes. At the best so far at the moment is

To use it is quite simple: registering, earning points, performing tasks (or buying them), spend points on cheating or followers, or likes, or the right comments. Everything is transparent and simple.