Followers limit on instagram

Instagram constantly twists the nuts and fights with the cheating of users.

One of the most popular instagram blogger recalls that once his employees wound up hundreds of thousands of subscribers and were among the top instagrammers, along with Justin Bieber.

Now instagram has introduced limits on the number of likes and subscriptions per day, and they keep coming down all the time – it becomes more difficult to work.

Users are also less active in reacting to new friends. But blogger does not lose optimism: “We have a great potential, we work with America, we enter the Israeli market. If Instagram cuts the possibilities, we have others. ”

By the way, we asked Instagram officials how they relate to such a business.

“Instagram is a place where real people share real moments of their life. And for us it is very important to maintain this distinctive atmosphere so that users feel comfortable.

Therefore, we constantly remove fake accounts and fight spam on the platform on a daily basis, “they replied. As the best ways to promote the company advises to visit the states and post photos with hashtags from @Instagram.

For example, you can write under the photo # photooftheweek – we tried, but the effect was just about anything.

The month of subscription to Tooligram costs 130 dollars, but after studying the market and reading reviews, we stopped at another service – One Million Likes.

The service costs only 60 dollars a month, gives the possibility of a free three-day testing and does not require downloading the program to the computer.

True, he has a very low speed: the recommended rate is 27 subscriptions and 50 likes in an hour (the maximum speed is 180 and 180, at your own peril and risk).

With such speed, we myself could click on accounts – an advantage only in the automation of the process.

Service we began to use at the end of December, and the situation slightly improved.

On the first day 40 people came to me. Conversion of subscriptions to subscribers was at the level of 10% (we subscribed to the participants of the Challengers and those who put the yoga hashtags).

We can already hear the mocking laugh of blogger, who believes that fewer than 150 subscribers a day are driven only by fools and lazy people.

But we are not a bummer, but rather a coward: we do not want to subscribe to thousands of accounts – we don’t afraid that my blog will look like a spammer’s lair.

To avoid this, we used the reverse method: at night we signed for about 200-300 people, waited a day, and then unsubscribed from those who did not respond. So for two weeks we managed to find about 300 subscribers, and we began to suspect something.