Instagram likes

Fashionable girls with tens of thousands of subscribers in the instagram know that they are more popular with their fans, and what’s less.

We chose three images that each will make the star of this social network.


Photos of sports girls flooded the Internet. For some, this is a good motivation, and for others it’s becoming more popular. Are able to turn any photo into a hit and fashionable elements of a sports style – pleated tennis skirts, reflective visors and glasses in a neon frame.


An unspoken rule among the instagram gurus is “The more glitter, the more likes.” Perhaps this is connected with the popularity of shiny dresses on the last red carpet in Cannes.

To become the star of any party and social networks, the outfits from the collections of Saint Laurent, Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana will suit.


It is also not a problem to make successful photos on a typical day. The most photogenic combination is the military style against the background of the urban jungle.

Create the right image will help collections The Row, Valentino, Ralph Lauren.
But do not go deep, buy real instagram followers.

Real story:

The 26-year-old Lissette Calveiro moved to New York from Miami and, as she says, got into the “dream from the series” Sex and the City.

” She had 12,000 subscribers, her posts in Instagram were typed at 600-700 likes, and her life looked glamorous and happy. In fact, Lissette was heavily in debt and every day plunged into them deeper. She told about this in an interview with the New

York Post.

exotic outfits, dishes, expensive parties and travel. According to Fashionista, in order to daily “keep the bar” in Instagram, you need to spend about $ 31,400 per year.

Lissette knows by no he knows what it is – trying to become a star in Instagram, she got into debt for $ 10,000. This money went to clothes for “perfect bows” and travel that she could not afford.

While Lissette lived in Miami with her parents, she somehow managed to do it: all the money from work went to visiting fashion institutions and buying beautiful things.

Despite the fact that Lisette’s salary was low, she spent $ 200 a month on shopping, so as not to appear in the same clothes twice.

She also bought designer bags for $ 1000 and spent every month on travel. For example, in November 2016 she bought tickets to Austin for $ 700. “Snapchat had these geofilters and I wanted to collect at least 12”, – admits Lissette.

After moving to New York, the girl had to tight. Calveiro decided to move to work in a PR agency in Manhattan. And in order to survive, she had to dramatically change her habits and cut costs.
She came with a friend to save on rent.

For the apartment Lissette paid $ 700 a month and set herself a budget for food up to $ 35 a week – now she cooks herself, instead of going to restaurants. For 14 months of saving, she was finally able to begin paying her debts. However, she could not refuse to subscribe to Rent the Runway, which costs her $ 130 a month.

Today Calveiro says that he regrets that he spent so much money on fake glamor in Instagram.

Today the girl buys clothes on the Internet and documents spending in her Instagram account, which has already been signed by 20,000 people.

“When someone writes that he likes my coat, I say something like: do not believe me, I snatched it at H & M for only $ 50,” says Lisette.

Recall that in 2015, Instagram star and YouTube Essen O’Neill said that she is leaving social networks, because popularity makes her unhappy.