Instagram posts and comments for girls

You still do not get yourself an account in Instagram? But today it is one of the main indicators that a person is successful and keeps up to date.

We decided to collect the most important rules of posts in this social network, which will help you to be in a trend.

Erotic photos + philosophical thought

If you decide to pamper your friends with your semi-nude pictures, then do not tie them to specific dates or current events.

Just accompany the photo with some profound quote, implying that in life you are all very difficult and this picture is not at all self-admiration! Especially this technique helps, if nothing interesting happens in your life, and you really want to attract the attention of the audience.

By the way, in Instagram this method is so popular that it gave birth to a whole flash mob movement.

More selfies, more instagram likes

Of course, photos in the style of Selfie – the heart of Instagram-life, and they are the most typed likes. Do them every day. For example, in the morning before going to work, to demonstrate their particularly successful “bow”.

In the car – to emphasize the beautiful eye makeup, well, or just remind yourself. Well, selfie – an excellent way out, if you bought a new pair of pajamas, underwear, or you were presented with a beautiful bouquet, and there’s simply no one to show them!

It is important not only not to forget about daily self-posts, but also to be able to properly do them.

So, despite the jokes and memes, still the classics of pictures of this kind are our favorite ducks-lips.

So, tilt your head in the side, inflate your lips and slightly open slightly, your eyes are wider and that’s all, the image of a beautiful but slightly displeased nymph is ready!

Take photos of presents and get more Instagram views and likes

It is extremely important in Instagram to maintain the image of a successful person living an interesting life.

And one of the important points of this rule is the creation of the effect of the demand for the opposite sex. Therefore, we recommend that you publish mysterious pictures: a bouquet of roses, bags of famous brands, a decoration on your finger, a glass of wine with candles and so on.

And it does not matter that you bought yourself gifts, flowers and yourself, most importantly – to create the appearance that you have a lot of secret admirers.

Fix manicure and pedicure!

In general, remember: wherever you go and whatever you do, always record it in your account.

So the surrounding will create a feeling that you do not have time to get bored. And of course, a separate topic: going to the beauty salon.

What, in vain to throw money for shellacs and rhinestones on nails? No, we must immediately publish the result in the social network – of course, best of all, against the background of a handbag or a glass of coffee.

Nowhere without hashtag

Remember, your photo was wasted on the Web, wasted, if you did not put a fashionable and up-to-date hashtag.

The more of them, the more likely that your picture will be noticed and appreciated, and on your page – will subscribe.

Do not know what to put? Then you can help simple and meaningless hashtags for all occasions: # girls, girls, # work such a job, # peace must know, # rest well, # mood and so on.